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  • [SOLVED] VEP 6.0.15224 strange behavior with plugins

    I purchased VE Pro 6 yesterday but I noticed a very strange behavior during the playback :

    1. some instruments stutter
    2. other don't sound at all 
    3. routing goes crazy (sound goes to busses exen if not routed to)

    I assume it is a plugin issue because when I bypass them, everything goes normal.

    The Fabfilter EQ sometimes shows the issue 1 symptoms, sometimes not.
    Liquidsoniccs Reverberate 2.1 never works : issue 2 when inserted, issues 2 & 3 when on a bus routing

    I can't go back to older versions of VEP6 to see if it would work because I only purchased it yesterday.

    Master : 10.11.5 - Logic X 10.2.4
    Slave : PC Win 10 (64 bits)

  • Fabfilter plugins are not fully compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro (veriosn 5 or 6) and can randomly crash the program. I've contacted them about this more than once. They're reply was that they are not familiar with VEPro software and thus have never tested threy're products with it. 

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    Wow, that´s a really cool answer from a software delevopers that could easily contact us anytime 😊

    => I have just contacted them.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Update 6.0.15258 fixed these issues. Both with Reverberate and Pro-Q 2.

    Thanks a lot !!!