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  • VE Pro v5 and Logic Pro X

    Whenever I use VE Pro with LPX, my processor is elevated to an overload status. If I instantiate the same instruments directly in the project, the processor load is so low that I can do all of my recording and editting in LPX and remain in the MIDI environment until mix down.

    In this case, I use 5 instances of of VE Pro with upto 16 Vienna Instruments Pro. VE Pro is returning stereo feeds to LPX. I like to work in this manner as it will allow me to easily switch projects and/or software programs and/or template projects.

    I can instantiate all of these instruments in LPX without using VE Pro and the processor does not overload!

    Why are the resource requirements so high when using VE Pro with LPX? And, will VE Pro v6 inprove my performance with LPX?

    System: Late 2013, 8 core 3.0 GZ with 32 GB of memory running El Capitan 10.11.6; SSD OSX drive with 4 7200 rpm 3 GB hard drives connected via Thunderbolt. I use a separate HD for Library files and Workarea files used to save/record projects.

  • Hi, 

    Did you try different thread settings in the VE PRO Preferences?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Initally, I used 2 threads and later changed it to one.

    It was the same result of processor overloading. Thanks.

  • Hi, 

    You should also try with higher settings. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I went upto 4 threads and set the buffer to large and at 1024K/44.1 KHz. the system with VE Pro v5 was incapable of running without clicks and pops. My typical project with all of the same VIs inside of LPX runs smoothly with a medium buffer and a setting of 256K/44.1 KHz. I am using Apogee converters connected via Thunderbolt. I think that this is a fairly powerful system setup that should easily accomodate the DAW with VE Pro.


  • Hi Cshorte, 

    VE PRO also needs some power to run. Why not try with the highest thread setting, as advised in the VE PRO manual?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your assistance. Threads, I had assumed that Automatic was bets ffor LPX. I have adjusted the thread count for both LPX (14) and VE Pro (1 per Instance). This has resolved my problems sufficiently to the point that I feel comfortable moving forward with VE Pro v6.  😃 

    VE Pro Instances: 6, 1 Threadper instance

    1. Strings: 13 VI Pro and 1 Kontakt Instrument
    2. Brass: 8 VI Pro and 1 Kontakt Instrument
    3. Woodwinds: 12 VI Pro Instruments
    4. Percussion/Drums: 12 Kontakt Instruments
    5. Synth Pads: 16 Kontakt instruments
    6. Reaktor Ensemble: 8 Reaktor Instruments


    • Processor Threads: 14
    • Process Buffer Range: Large
    • I/O Buffer Size: 512K (Anything higher is unplayable)
    • Sample Rate: 44.1K