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  • VEP6 causes weird effects on EW Play

    Hi folks,

    I just loaded my Filmscore Template created in VEP 5 some month ago. Everything works just fine except that the Play by EastWest now only plays cut notes (20ms). Only when repeating the same note for several times it might accur the note is played in full length.

    This happens when playing via the corresponding track in Cubase 8.5 (master) or when clicking on the keyboard inside the play engine.

    Running the Play engine as a stand-alone everything works just fine. Also running this setup in VEP5 on another slave everything works just fine.

    Any ideas?

    What further information might be of use before for you?

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    No help at all 😔


    Then another question: Cubase has saved instrument info. When I uninstall VEP 6 and install VEP5 again (which work without any problems) will be my Ensemble setup restored when I open my template?