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  • Strange behaviour after copying cells

    Hello folks,

    I am reorganizing some upgraded instruments and found a strange bahaviour after copying cells via [Shift]+click-hold.

    I dragged one patch from the patch-browser on the right hand side into cell A1. Then I copied this cell to A2, B1 + 2 and C1 + 2 using [Shift]+click-hold (drag)

    When I now replace one of this patches in only one cell all cells will be replaced.

    This effect occurs only when cells are copied via [Shift]+drag and at the moment only in the Oboe 1 (35-Ob1)

    I am not sure whether it is an issue regarding to the VE Pro 6 (???) or the oboe viennesse being that I upgrade both at once.

    Any idea might be of help

    thanks a lot


  • Hi Andy,

    I think you have to deactivate "Link by patchname" feature.
    It's the icon beside trash icon on the Advanced tab in VIPRO. (below the pacth slots)


  • Stupid me.... :D

    Never paid attention on this button :D

    Thank alot, Herb