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  • VNC software to control Ensemble Pro Mac systems?

    Hello all...

    What would be the best Mac OSX based VNC solution to control slaved Mac computers from the main host system?  I've heard mixed to bad things about Chicken of the VNC... anything proven to be great and reliable for use in controlling and playing a 2nd Ensemble Pro system from just the one main DAW display monitor?

    My own specific need is for OSX 10.8 (Mountian Lion) Mac Pro with ProTools HD 10 system (that cannot be upgraded to a new OS due to PT10 and ProControl hardware.)  I want to add one (possibly two) MacPro 2008-2010 8-core with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) running Ensemble Pro to host VSI (mostly SE editions, with Appassionata String) along with NI Komplete Ultimate, various Kontakt based sample libraries and other VI software that might need a more modern Mac OS.  With my studio set-up, I really can't easily add more screens beyond the two displays that I already have set-up.


  • Why dont you try the native version of VNC that is in MAC  OS

    It is called Screen Sharing

    you can acces it thru Safari too : VNC://

    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic
  • Is that how most are controlling their Ensemble Pro slave machines?  Does it work well?  I'll be navigating, auditioning sounds, loading sounds, etc on the 2nd system pretty extensively.  Thanks!