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  • deleting Special Editions

    I'm sure this has been asked before, and I did a search here but I can't find anything about it.

    I started off by buying all the special editions. But now I also have many of the complete libraries, so is there a problem if I delete those sections from the special editions from my hard drive, to free up some space? (I don't need the matrices from the special editions at this point.)

    2nd question: I notice that in some cases the price quoted me for, say the full woodwinds bundle, is GREATER than the few elements I don't own seperately. For example the only woodwinds I don't own are the special woodwinds, and they are listed for me at 440 Euros, but the whole woodwinds bundle is listed for me at 480 Euros. Why is that?



  • Your first question is answered here:

  • Hello Alan,

    Question 2: That´s because you get the Clarinet in Bb 2 (which you have not registered yet additionally when you purchase the Woodwinds Full Bundle. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Vielen Dank. :-)