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  • An other VEP6 crash.

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    I really like the new VEP 6 and so far it works quite stable and nice, but I encountered a VEP 6 Server crash, that is reproducable. My setup: I'm using Cubase 8.5.20 on a Windows 10 64 bit machine.

    I have a project with VEP 6 Server 64 bit loaded and connected multiple instances of VEP 6 to cubase. When I create a folder in VEP 6 and load multiple Kontakt 5 plugins into that folder, VEP 6 crashes as soon as I duplicate that folder containing multiple (empty) instances of Kontakt 5. It doesn't help, if I disable the plugins. Also I don't even have to connect the VEP 6 instance to Cubase. It also crashes when not connected, BUT Cubase has to run. Otherwise VEP dublicates the folder with the plugins inside just fine. I also tried running administrator mode when starting Cubase & VEP 6 Server, doesn't help. Disable the 'faster gui' option in preferences also seem not to have any effects.

    The crash also happens, when loading other plugins. It was reproducable with other Native Instruments plugins, with the EastWest Play plugin and with Steinberg Padshop plugin. I added a crash dump. Hope this helps to identifie the issue. Best,


  • Thanks, we'll have a look at this asap.