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  • Additional articulations for existing instruments?

    I want to make next years simulations of my large orchestral works. Therefore I started to reorganize my all matrices and presets. This is much work and I'll be busy some weeks. An important question is now for me: Should I leave room for missing articulations? Are there any plans to expand existing instruments?

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    Hello Andreas,

    I checked your registered products, and with the FULL Library products, you will be covered for the near future.
    My suggestion: Organize your presets with matrices, this way you can always change and re-organize.

    Also, you will find this undocumented feature quite helpful (only works in VI PRO Standalone, but can be a big time-saver!).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    thank you for the quick answer and the link to the undocumented feature!

    I know that I’m covered with VSL-Products for my orchestral compositions (generally I miss only Bass recorder, Accordion and Sopranino saxophone). For many missing articulations I have workarounds.

    After the summer vacation I have only one or two hours per week to work on the simulations of my compositions. Therefore I need a very logical structure of the matrices and presets. Otherwise I lose the overview. But I would organize my matrices and presets in another way, if I would know that there are plans for expanding the instruments, so I am able to maintain the logical structure also in the future.

    Best, Andreas

  • Hello andreas1, 

    We´re still constantly recording and editing samples, but these basic instruments of an orchestra will only be complemented with new products (like the Dimension Strings were added to the choice you have with different string ensemble sizes). 

    No additions to your products in the next years, if that helps. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hallo Paul,

    Yes, that helps! Thank you very much!

    Best, Andreas