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    I am bummed, I just upgraded from VE5 Pro, and was really excoitted to check it out. After I completed the installation, I can't get VE6 Pro to launch, it always crashes within a couple minutes into the plugin scan. I've tried launching the 64bit Server version as well as the regular 64bit. I guess we need an update..??

    Like I said, it launches, shows the new window, starts to scan and then crashes. Every time. I googled & researched. I deteed all the preferences and .plist, and still it won't open. CRASH CRASH CRASH  :-(

    MacPro 2.8Ghz 8 Core Mid 2008

    16GB RAM

    OSX Mavericks 10.9.5

    Apollo Quad FW

    Protools 12

  • Hello Jazzyswan, 

    The update is already in the works. 

    Would be good to know at which point VE PRO crashes (while scanning which plug-ins). 

    Also, crash-reports will help a lot, you can send those to or post them right here in the forum (as text file attachments).

    Thanks for your help!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL