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  • VEP 6 crashing while adding instruments and Instrument switching


    I'm building a new tempate in VEP 6. Nothing exotic, just some orchestral libraries which everybody uses.

    But it's really hard to make progress because VE crashes every time after adding 4 a 5 instruments (Kontakt5)

    It crashes also when i'm using the template and VE has switched a few times (10?) between instruments. (i have the "switch faster" option enabled

    When i restart it, all Kontakt instances are corrupt, no samples loaded.I need to close everythig (Nuendo and VE) and then it loads the Kontakts right again.

    There is no crash dump or so, VE just suddenly disappears.

    I can't work like this

    My specs are Imac 27" 2013 version. 32GB, Nuendo 7.1, RME Fireface UC,

  • Hello, 

    Thanks for the report!

    Which OS are you working on?
    Do you get the same behaviour when you switch off the "switch faster" option in the VE PRO Preferences?

    Which Kontakt 5 version, and which libraries are you using?

    Do you see any crash logs in "Console", under "User Diagnostic Reports"? => Please send those. 

    Thanks for the additional information,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul,

    I'm using OSX 10.11.5


    Metropolis Ark

    Cinematic Strings 2.1

    NI Brass Ensemble

    Vienna Apas

    Special Edition 1+2

    VEP6 crash

  • Hello Gerd, 

    All these crashes will be fixed with the next update, except for the crahes that are triggered by the HOFA IQ-EQ VST plug-in, can you maybe tell me how to reproduce those? Trying hard, but I just can´t make this plug-in crash here. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • The second crash report you sent is actually caused by EastWest Play. I suggest you contact Eastwest about this issue.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your update.

    It's weird because both plugins i do not use in my Template.

    The HOFA i don't use at all.... i think i downloaded a demo version once but forgot all about it. So it is probably an old vesion as well. I'll delete it.

    'Play' i do use but only in Nuendo. Can i make VE6 exclude this plugin?

    I heard play v5 is coming this week, see if that works better then.



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    Hello Geert, 

    Interesting. Yes, then I´d delete the HOFA EQ for now. 

    Plug-in options will come with one of the next updates. 

    And yes, we also have high hopes for the PLAY Update 😊 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul,

    Here are logs of more crashes....

    It crashes now every 5 minutes.

    Adding a folder,

    rearranging some instruments order....

    changing MIDI channels or Audio outputs.

  • These crashes have already been fixed, just give us a day or two for us to release the update.

  • I've just updated to latest version of VEP 6 today, but I'm having a lot of crashes with it...

    Just one or two instances, playing with VIpro , kontakt (latest version), MIR24.. 

    Most of the time is when I'm adjusting something in the GUI of MIR... 

    My DAW is logic 10.2.4, osx 10.11.6

    is there any file that records the crash problem to be able to send it to you in case it helps?

  • Hi esencia, 

    After a crash, click "Send to Apple", copy the crash report text, paste it into a text file and send this file to

    Ideally, include the project you are working on and detailed steps on how to reproduce the crash. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I'll try to gather all the information I can..