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  • (Not The) Fantasia for Orchestra

    My latest orchestral overture, Fantasia. Hope you enjoy! [url][/url] Dave

  • A sleep deprived stupid post I deleted. I applogise.


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  • Another stupid post I deleted.


  • A third stupid post be me I deleted. Sorry!


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  • Dave,

    Sorry you had to get bad comments like that - I have really enjoyed listening to your pieces and admire your dedication to live performances also.  I don't like to criticize compositions, just performances - which is part of this Forums purpose.  But composition is a different thing and criticism can be like getting your soul stepped on.  You are right that bowings are almost never indicated and decided by players, usually the section leader, at rehearsals.  I agree with a lot of what you say also concerning problems with live performances which often fall short of sampled ones - despite what certain people state here - ironically.  I think that the ideal is doing both as you are doing -  live performance can be an ongoing, changing art creation, whereas sampled performance can be a perfected, finalized creation almost like a painter or sculptor carefully creating his work.  Except with samples one creates with a pallete of sounds.  

  • Not that bad of a post, but off-topic in Dave's thread.  Delete!


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  • I have to get more sleep before commenting on other people's threads. It was considered hijacking the  thread by a member. Delete!


  • I want to publicly appologise to Dave and the community for what others have percieved as a dispute.  I thought I was having a conversation. I was learning things from Dave's replies!  Dave has already accomplished more than I will ever do in my lifetime. I admire what he has done.

    I do not go about the net looking for disputes.  Actually, this is the only site that I consider worth my time visiting on the internet!  This site and email is all I do!

    So again, Dave and Everyone, I appologise for being an a__hole!!



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    Wow, you beat me to it, Mark! I was just finishing a reply to you privately and was now heading over to this thread to similarly, delete all my repsonses to you.

    For the benefit of all, I thank those of you that reached out to me via private message relating to this thread. More importantly, I'm grateful to Mark for his strength of character, addressing this in an honest and hearfelt manner. I have accepted his apology and hope he will accept mine for "returning fire". With this, I consider the whole issue resolved and look forward to all the great talents on this forum, continuing to share their music with us.

    It's funny that musicians/artists are often marginalized in society for "not fitting in", and yet somehow when we find a community of like-minded individuals, who all struggle with the desire to achieve great things with their art, somehow the claws can come out and cause undue friction. This forum is a positive escape for me and a source of inspiration and support for my work that quite frankly, most people in my day to day life could care less about (no shot against them, just the reality that non-music friends really don't get what or why we do what we do).



    My VSL orchestral and chamber music works.

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