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  • VST3

    Hallo Vienna Team,

    so it looks like I ended up again in the same mousetrapp like with VEP 5. Its again not explicit decribed which plugin format works and which not. With VEP 5 it wasnt obvious that VST is not supported. And now the same with VST3. And when I read the forum, also other costumers had the same problem. 

    Now you can call us fools, because its written VST is supported, which seems to mean for you at reverse, not VST3. But some people just understand VST as a pluging format, also including VST3. And at Vienna you should know that there are also Cubase user, which of course all install VST3 when they have the chance to choose. 

    I just also contacted you with mail. But here now I just ask you for to change the info for VEP6, so not more customers run into the same anger and problems like me now.

    thanks and bg


  • Hello ww, 

    I just answered your email. With the attached screenshot. 

    In my eyes, it´s quite clear, especially if you are looking for that specific feature....

    In any case: Sorry to see you disappointed. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thank you for your reply and mail. 



  • It would be more clear if you stated VST2 instead of VST. It is also something you would never expect as a customer: The plugin itself is VST3 and the server software doesn't support VST3's as a plugin. 

    I'm not a programmer at all, but is it that much work to support VST3 within the server software?



  • Hi, 

    We have been considering VST3 format in VE PRO, but decided against it (one more format to maintain versus very limited benefits, in our eyes). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL