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  • [EASY FIX] Vst Nightmare


    How can i stop VEP 6 frm scanning vst plugins as every  time i startup VEP 6 it quits when trying to scan vst plugins.Tnx in advance


    System:OSX Yosemite

    DAW:Cubase 8.5

    Sound Card:UAD Apollo Firewire

    Midi Keyboard:Komplete 61

  • Hi!

    You cannot stop the scan on OS X... Please send your crash reports (as text files) to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul!

    Tnk u so much for d quick reply.I Solved the issue myself.It was an old vst plugin.I removed it frm d vst plugins folder and now VEP 6 works like a good charm infact the vst plugs even wrk better than d Au....Tnx again.Will soon b buying the upgrade version.

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    Thanks for the update. 

    I have defused the dramatic thread title 😉


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL