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  • Master and One Slave Where to Install What?

    I am about to install, for the first time, VSL software and instruments.

    Here is my plan:

    Master (PC with 24GB RAM) 1 SSD as C: and numerous 7200rpm e-sata drives:

                    e-licenser and download manager

                    Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 and the Pro 6 upgrade (on the SSD C: drive)

    Slave (PC with 32GB RAM) 6 SSD’s

                    e-licenser and download manager

                    Vienna MIR Pro

                    Vienna Suite

                    Vienna Instruments Pro

                    All Vienna Cube Instruments

    Is this installation plan a good plan and correct or do I need to modify it?


    Thank you.

  • Hi Fred, 

    Looking good. Since you have so many SSD´s on the slave computer, that´s a great combination with VI PRO. 

    I don´t think you´ll need the Download Manager on your Master... 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL