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  • Anyone know how to make Windows 10 used my clone on an SSD as the boot drive?

    I did a clean reninstall on my C drive of Windows10 only but it is only 60 GB, so I cloned it to a larger faster SSD with Macrium  Reflect and it was seemingly successful, but the PC insists on booting from the original C drive. If I boot into the Bios, the SSD does not appear as a choice. Before I reinstall e-licensaer VE Pro, iLok, and Play, obviosuly I  want everything to be installed on the SSD.

    This would be easy wwith OSX.

  • It's been some years since I've done this (since Vista I think) so I don't know if it works anymore but whenever you do a clean reinstall of Windows and you want the C-drive to be different than it was before you have to physically remove or detach all of the drives except the one you want to be the C-drive.


    In the past, unless the user designated a specific drive which was a laborious process in BIOS, Windows would just pick a random drive to install on.  So it was just easier to remove all of the drives except the one you want it to install on so it has no choice but to go to the one drive.

    Again, it's been a long time so maybe things have changed.

    I forgot to mention, if you have anything else on that drive it will be wiped clean so back up.

  • So finally everything is back to working on my slave PC after a day and a half in hell: Windows 10, VE Pro 6, and Play. Logic Pro X on my Mac sees the VE Pro instances fine and I now have a DVD with a bootable version of WIndows 10 if I run into trouble again.

    The take aways:

    1. Bad things happen with Windows 10 when your boot drive gets nearly full that would not seem to be drive related going by what happens with OSX but apparently are with Win 10.

    2. Windows 10 on my particular ASRock bios PC does not want to clone a bootable install to an OCZ Agility SSD. Nor can you do a clean install on it and make it the boot drive. No way, no how, AND if you try to start from it with a Windows 10 install on it, it can even screw up your C drive. Don't know why, don't know how, but that is what happened.

    3. I am going to buy a big ass hard drive, take to my computer tech and let him put it in the computer, install Windows 10 and make that the boot disk, and remove the present drive and keep it as a backup.