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  • VEP 6 feature requests

    I know there's a few VEP 6 threads, but thought one place for feature tweaks and requests might be useful.  Here's my starters...

    Midi activity indicatior on instances in the top bar

    Freeze instance - option to auto-unfreeze on detecting midi input to instance.

  • Hey, I'll jump in!

    How about separate icons for the 32 and 64 bit servers? I run my orchestral stuff in 64 and older VST synths in 32. Separate icons would make things much clearer in the taskbar, particularly with unsnapped instances.

  • We will love to be able to control the VI and VE with Keyboard Kontrol of Native instrument

    Thanks in advance



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  • Let me jump in here as well and this could be an interesting thread (so sorry Paul et al that I have posted this elsewhere)....

    mono channels  - please..... !!!



  • Any chance we can lose the big red box that says "Ready for MIR" upon the start of VEP...pretty please with sugar on top? I'm okay without it. To me, red was always indicative of errors. I understand why it's there and the choice of color but is there a checkbox that I can de-select so as to stop showing that warning?