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  • VEP5/VEP6 session compatibility into CUBASE 8.5


    I'm trying to open my actual projects but Cubase freezes everytime it tries to load my VEP5 session into VEP6. It just stays like it is loading but nothings happen. 

    VEP6 Is loading one of my session (actually a default session with the name of one of my session) but never finish.

    If I load my cubase project without VEP6 I can open it. If I try to connect directly from there, same issue happen. VEP6 loading never stops. If I load my VEP sessions and then connect them from cubase it works.

    Infortunatly I had a couple of unpreserved VEP session into my cubase actual projects and I can't manage to load them back.

    Apart of this VEP6 looks great !

    I'm in a mid rush. Shall I go back to VEP5 ? Or maybe you are planning to solve this super quickly ? :)

    Thank you,


    PS : I'm on a mac pro 2013 with the latest OS X, the latest cubase, the latest kontakt etc...

  • Hi Etienne, 

    Thanks for posting!

    Our tests were all fine with Cubase. 

    When in doubt, I´d roll back to VE PRO 5 (use the VE PRO 6 UNINSTALLER, then install VE PRO 5). 

    If you have the time, please send me one of the affected Cubase Songs as a zip file, with a short description (which plug-ins are used in VE PRO, how much RAM is loaded...): 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Dietz,


    I'm rolling back to VEP5 right now and I'm sending you my project with a short description.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Etienne, 

    I´m not Dietz, but thanks for the hopefully implemented compliment 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • ooooooooups....

    Sorry for that Paul ! or you're welcome for the compliment ;)