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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 Template

    I'm competely new to buidling orchestral templates and have a few questions.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concepts although I've got it working pretty well with two sections - woodwinds and brass.  I should say I'm getting some template Skype lessons from someone super knowledgeable so that has helpled.

    First of all, I'm a bit confused with saving in VEP.  Sorry if I get some of the terms wrong here.  I have a VI Frame with two instances, brass and woodwinds.  I had help doing this.  Now I'm going to add the harp, piano and so forth.  Do I save each instance with a different name?  Or, is the VI frame just saved?

    Lastly, does it make sense to create an instance within the VI Frame just to have one instrument?  Harp would be a good example and piano as well.  I do have a couple of harps and a few pianos.

    Basically I'm just trying to organize it effeciently.  I have a ton of strings, brass and a decent number of percussion libraries.

    Thanks for any guidance.  I hope what I wrote even makes sense.


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    Hello Aaron,

    We have actually renamed our extensions for saved files with VE PRO 6, so that should make things easier.

    viframe = vep (Vienna Ensemble Project), 1 saved instance

    mframe = vesp (Vienna Ensemble SERVER Project), all instances in one VE PRO SERVER

    Yes, you can save each instance as a separate project, so that you can add them to any song quickly.

    Additionally, you can always save your whole VE PRO SERVER as a vesp file (also with different names for different projects).

    I have also explained this in the VE PRO 6 manual.

    Does this help?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the response.  Your explanation makes perfect sense so it's more clear now.

    What happened was everything crashed right after I had added a 3rd instance.  I had saved the vesp, and thought everything would be safe.  It wasn't a big deal because the first two veps were saved so I only had to redo one instance.

    So I need to save a vep only when I create a new one or make changes right?  And then always save the vesp.  I hope I've got this right.

    I downloaded the manual and started going through it.  You did a very nice job on it.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Aaron, 

    Yes, vep and vesp files always save the current state of your instances and server. 

    You can save them under different names as your templates change, so you always have a safety backup.


    Always a good idea to test this out and find your best workflow with simple examples.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Excellent!! It's finaly starting to click.

    Thanks again,