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  • Scale Runs in Dimension Strings Sequencer

    I was looking into the way scale runs are written in the sequencer so I can adjust them for my own scale runs, and I noticed that part of what they do to make runs sound realistic is to have the note repeated several times within it's metric slot rather than one note per beat. 


    For example, a scale run in C major in 8th notes will have ~7 midi notes on C on the first 8th note, ~7 midi notes on D on the second 8th note, ~7 midi notes on E on the third eighth note, etc...


    I'm trying to analyize this for better use of VSL: does anyone know the logic here? It sounds way better than when I just write in a scale run with one midi note per scalar note and beat. 

  • I am pretty sure that you loaded the matrix from the "All Violins" folder - which will of course have 8 (not 7) times the same note - one for each of the 8 players. I do not know, though, how it is handled internally that each note reaches it's correct target.

    My guess: all 8 notes of one pitch start with a slight delay, and hence the "voice" tab distributes them to the 8 slots, as the interval mode is set to mono. BUT: when I load an 8 violins run the voice tab only uses four players, and the polyphony is set to global.

    However, if you load one of the single violins matrices, there is only one entry per scale note, so it seems very likely that the group size is the reason.

  • That's a sensible theory, but when you load all violins, it's supposed to distribute the note to multiple voices anyway, so why would you need 8 midi notes to do that? And if that is the case, then any time you want to write a step-motion run in all violins, you would need to write 8 midi notes in your sequencer which seems counter-intuitive to the programming anybody would be doing, no?


    The other thing is that I was using performance porto, and when you only have one note you get the "sliding" sound you expect, but if you use many notes (when I drew my own I didn't use 8 kind of just made it random as an experiment) you get a much more realistic sounding run than say performance legato.