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  • Vienna Symphonic Library Gigastudio gs3 compliance to Logic Pro X

    Vienna Symphonic Library Gigastudio gs3 compliance to Logic Pro X

    I got 2004 Vienna Symphonic Library Gigastudio gs3.

    1. As the GS3 is discontinued I am asking is all the finest details of VSL

    transferable to Logic Pro X ? as is ?

    Or is Gplayer required ?

    2. Another alternative is Vista platformed GS4

    Is it stable ? no BSODs ?

    As Vista discontinues 2017... how to cope with that ?

    GS4 has church echoes. Does Logic Pro X have similar technical higher capabalities ?

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    I checked your registrations and saw that you have the Pro Edition Performance Set registered on your account.

    These legacy products only work reliably on the GigaStudio platform, which they were developed for. A transfer to Logic Pro X is not possible, I´m afraid.

    GPlayer is an option, but from what I have heard, the conversion is very tricky and does not deliver satisfying results.

    To be honest, if you want to keep on using these legacy products, simply keep your GigaStudio machines as they are.

    Personally, I´d consider getting the Special Edition Complete Bundle. You get many new instruments, a great performance with a customized sample player, optimzed samples in 24 bit quality and way less headache...


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I did a massive personal investment on VSL GS3 compatibility issue

    GS3 was in Tascam and Teac, and would you know of all possible Gibson

    And today GS3 is owned by Garritan, so if there is enough users suggesting Garritan
    to develop GS3 into a working DAW it will happen

    Which means that legacy owners can use GS3 Vienna Symphonic Library , again

    Ilkka Saari