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  • Bug: Solo Vl and VlB have identical samples in some cases

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create one track with Solo Vl perf_legato and a 2nd track with Solo Vl B perf_legato;
    2. Invert the phase on one of the tracks;
    3. Send both tracks identical MIDI. The MIDI should contain an A (the A above middle C), followed by a re-trigger of the A. In other words, the 2nd A starts immediately after the Note-Off of the first A.

    The retriggered (bow-change) samples cancel each other because they are identical.

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  • What is VIB?

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    Hi tek0010,

    The basic second violin in Solo Strings was created from the samples contained in the first violin (pitch-shifted), seems like the repetition notes in the legatos were overlooked there.

    Luckily, now you have a much better alternative as a second violin!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL