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  • Input 8 phasing/sounding mono? 1-7 work ok?! HELP!!!

    Hi All,

    I'm having an issue where I'm shoving my Spitfire Celli/Basses out the last channel of an 8-stereo output Kontakt Multi (so outs 15/16) and unfortunately the signal isn't excatly "discrete" stereo. The signal is basically being pegged on the stereo input track of VE PRO to where it almost sounds mono-the signal is hitting the L and R sides equally, alwasy being the same...but being a stereo track in Kontakt obviously, the little L/R meters should be SLIGHTLY different always, hence the stereo signal. I don't have this problem on outputs 1-7 in Kontakt (or inputs 1-7 in VE PRO respectively) but for every K5 instance, the 8th Stereo Output appears to be sending out correct information, but then VE PRO is taking it in at equal levels and looks like it's being folded down or summed or something. I can't seem to figure out what's going on. I'm not sure if it's phasing or not, but it certainly sounds like the signal could be coming out of the center.

    Mixer settings are just default, no plugins on VE PRO, very very simple setup. Has anyone had this issue before? Or is there a setting that I'm missing in VE PRO somewhere?! 

    I'm chasing a mix and would love to figure out a solution ASAP so if anyone has any information, please please let me know! I'm all ears!


  • bump! :)

  • Hi E, 

    Would you like to post an example of what you hear - and what you want to hear? 

    Right now the focus is very much on VE PRO 6, but maybe this helps.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL