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  • Grainger - Children's March VSL

    Recorded using all VSL instruments, with MIRx and Hybrid Reverb.

  • Beautifully done. Well balanced orchestra. Very convincing perfronace. The only part that gave away it's digital roots is the 32nd WW runs at 4:15, which sound just too perfect. Maybe a bit of humanzation, esp. on the timing, would help? Funny, interesting and rather peculiar composition, typical of Grainger. Thanks for posting. 

  • Bruno, thanks for listening and for the comments!  

    That run is tricky, I think you're right.  I did try some randomization effects and it sounded like a total mess...  So I relied on VSL Humanization delays to do the trick and took the randomization off the MIDI notes.  But I think I'll go back and see if I can find a middle ground, maybe randomizing only select instruments and not all of them.  Maybe that in combination with the VSL humanize will do it...

    After many listenings I'm also rethinking some of the balance, but I'll tread lightly since you thought it was sitting nicely.  The saxaphones especially are always tricky in Grainger military band pieces.  He uses them much like other woodwinds or a clarinet choir, and most samples are meant for jazz or big band playing where they're "To the Fore" as he would say.  It takes a careful hand to get them just right...

  • Bruno, reworked that run, and reposted.  You were spot on, sounds much better now.

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