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  • Does VI Pro not support Multi-core processing?

    Hi VSL users,

    I'm doing music production on Macbook Pro Retina 15" (CPU Quad Core 2.2 GHz). I notice that there is some distortion due to CPU overload when I'm using VI Pro as an instrument plug-in in Logic Pro X. However, this never happened if I use Vienna Ensemble (not Pro) as a multi-timbral host for VI Pro. When taking a closer look, I notice that VI Pro only use 1 core of my cpu, while VE utilizes every core efficiently. Is there any way to solve this problem? 

    CPU screenshot 1 (VE) :

    CPU screenshot 2 (VI Pro) :

    Thank you,


  • I think your problem is Logic related, so I would suggest looking there first.


  • Before Logic X 12.2.2, Logic was processing any record enable virtual instruments on a single core to avoid latency.  There is a buffer for Playback and another buffer for live channel strip. If you select an empty audio track and press play you should see a better core distribution.


    The latest Logic X version (10.2.2) as a new audio preference that enables multi-cores processing on record enable tracks. Put this setting to "playback and live tracks" and you should see better performances.


    Plus when using VE, there is a buffer multiplier wich helps even more...