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  • Discount on SE for Full Library owners?

    Hi VSL Team,

    I own the Special Edition 1, 1+ and always get some discount when purchasing full libraries. This is because Special Editions and Instruments Collections are sharing a number of same contents.

    Thing is, I wonder why I couldn't see any discount when I'm trying to do the other way round. I own a full Appassionata Strings but still have to pay the full price for Special Edition 3: Appassionata & Muted Strings.

    This is holding me back from completing my SE collection. Actually, Special Editions are still very decent for using with Sibelius. I wonder if this were intentional for some reasons.



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    Hello Bamboo,

    Our upgrade paths only work in one direction, I´m afraid there are no "downgrades" possible.

    EDIT: I´d say, with the current Special Edition Special Offer, now is a good time to get the Special Editions....


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL