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  • What Happened to the Guy Bacos Demo Videos?

    Not all, but many of the libraries used to have a demo video by Guy Bacos where there was a piano roll view with MIDI notes in sequence and an explanation of which articulation was currently playing. 

    I found these videos to be extremely useful in not only demo'ing each articulation but how they could be used in a sequence.  They were like a "MIDIstration for Dummies" go to reference for inexperienced sample users like myself.  As time went on I used them less and less but they're still useful.

    Now, the only videos are the trailers.  Those are great for exhibition and selling but not so much for informing.

    So what happened to Guy's videos?

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    Hi Jasen, 

    EDIT: I believe you are referring to Guy Bacos´ videos: These videos were made with the old VI GUI and were simply never captured again, that´s why they are not online anymore on our website. 

    We also have a VSL YouTube channel, in case you are interested in more videos. You´ll also find the videos of Guy there, like this one

    The old GUI still makes me smile 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hello Paul,

    You're absolutely right.  I was reffering to Guy's videos.  My sincere apologies to both Guy Bacos and Jay Bacal.  I went back to my original post and fixed it.


    Thank you Paul for the link and thank you Guy for the videos.  And thank you Jay for the wonderful demos over the years😃


    I guess it wouldn't make sense to have the videos with the old GUI😳 


    You're right, by the way, that old GUI does brings back memories.💔