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  • Several newbie questions

    Hi all,

    I've just put together a new PC Slave, to accompany Mac/Logic X, and have purchased VE Pro, but am having a few problems getting started. I have read various threads but have not found working solutions to the following:

    1. I was under the impression I'd only need 1 elicense key. When I load the VE Pro server software both my mac and PC say they need the key. It doesn't seem to mind me taking it out, once one is loaded, to load then other computer, but still, this doesn't seem right? Obviously the key is later required by mac to run VE Pro plugin.

    2. I get the hanging beach ball when I connect in the plugin. This didn't happen first time but did subsequently. I read something regarding starting things (ve pro servers) in a certain order, but this doesn't seem reasonable if I need to move away from a default orchestral template to another project. I tried quitting all ve pro server software running but this didn't help. I tried restarting both machines which fixed it but, again same problem when I started  new 2nd test project in Logic.

    3. I like the look of Cyril's Logic X template and understand the basics of how it works, but am unsure about routing back to the mac. Is it not possible to monitor audio levels in Logic X?


    I know I'm probably being dumb with some (or all!) of these points, but any help much appreciated as I'm itching to get startee with this.



  • You need a key and licence for each computer you want to run VEP on. However, as VEP comes with three licences, the only missing thing for you is the extra key.


  • Thanks DG, I've just gone ahead and ordered a 2nd key.

    If anybody can help with explaining the routing in Cyril's new Logic X template it would be much appreciated. Am I ritght in thinking they are midi channels? If so, how is audio monitored in Logc. I understand how this works with soft instruments/multis but not a midi channel.