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  • VIP audio engine settings in big environment (to avoid voice cuts)

    Hi guys. 
    So I've search the forum, but couldn't really find this discussed.

    I'm working with a large template (1621599 samples). Sometimes my voice count goes to 1500 and to avoid any voices being cut I have to set my Default Preload to 16384 samples which results in VEP using aroun 90 GB ram. 

    I have all my VSL samples on two 512 GB SSD's and work with a 8 core i7 and 128GB ram, and I use MIR for most instruments... 

    I guess the whole thing is a combination between "Default Preload" and "Preallocated Voices", but I was curious what other people uses of settings? Or do you split up the load on different machines? 

    As a side note, I like running my system without to much latency, so I can play the instruments live on my keyboard. This means I have MIR with a 0 Latency and a 5GB IR Cache size! 

    Thanks in advance for all your knowledge, Jesper