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  • concert guitar: mixing legato and sustain samples?

    Hi everybody,

    I recently started a similar thread, but I think I need to be more to the point (including title), so, here I go: For my current project I need a soft guitar sound, therefore, most of the mf and f samples are not a good option.

    My problem is that I cannot find a good way to mix different p samples (legato, sustain noVib, sustain vib) to create some musical expression. My impression is that sustain noVib samples sound quite "thin" for the higher chords, particularly for the E-chord. This becomes most evident when mixing them with legato samples.

    What are sustain samples on the E-chord meant for? Is anybody using them? Has anybody a hint for me about how mixing different samples on the E-chord may make some sense musically for a soft accompaniment?

    thanks in advance