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  • reinstall on ssd


    I want build up my new Desktop PC and want to format my HDD where my VSL Standard Ed is Installed.


    First: I have a SSD with 250 GB. Want to Install Windows 7/8 AND the Libary. How much free disk space should i leave. ... Good Plan?



    Second: Is it simple to reinstall and activate my Licence? I'm afraid to forget something or that my Licence is bound to my actuall system or something else. Is it an easy way to reinstall and reactivate?




    ps: Answers in german are welcome if you can :D

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    Hello Fastel,

    I´ll reply in english:

    1) You have registered the SE Volume 1 in 2008. In order to save space, you should download the latest version from here (instructions in the column to the left). Calculate at least 30 GB (better to leave some space for future additions).

    2) No need to reinstall your license, it is still stored on your key.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello, so now I have an installing problem:

    (I have the DVD Version)

    Installed the Sychrosoft eLicenser thing - works (semms to)

    Downloaded the Latest "Vienna Instruments Installer" and installed.

    Started the Libary Installer - Setup says:

    "You will be asked to locate the file to start the installation of your Vienna Instruments Libary

    DVD Collections:

    Find this file on DVD 1 of your Vienna Instruments DVD collection"

    In the following Window I click on even that file on the first DVD and an error

    "Applikation 'VSL' hat den folgenden Fehler verursacht:
    DCOM connection to program 'Synsopos.exe' failed.
         Error:Ausnahmefehler des Servers."


    I changed the suggested installation directory of the V Installer (c:/programm files/whatever) to my own. Is this a problem? I cant see anythng else I may did wrong...


    Windows 7 SP1

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    Hi Fastel,

    Sounds like a problem with the eLicenser Software,

    Please restart your computer, make sure you have installed the latest version, then start the eLicenser Control Software: Do you see your licenses on the key?

    Also, please shut down any other eLicenser-protected software (like Cubase or Nuendo).

    Does it work then?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hey Paul,

    sorry it was foolish by me ;)

    You were right, I downloaded the latest installer, but not the latest E-Licenser Version. They seem to be incompatible in different versions.