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  • Multiple instances of Kontakt in one instance


    I'm trying VEP to see if it will integrate well with my template better than Bidule.  So far it looks good.  I'm curious if there are any benefits or drawbacks to using multiple instances of Kontakt in a single instance of VEP.  My current routing looks like this:

    I'm using Reaper.  I have several tracks that record/send MIDI to the VEP Server via Event Input plugins.  Each track has its own plugin and send to the corresponding MIDI input as the K5 instrument it's targeting.  I currently have 3 instances of Kontakt loaded into 1 VEP server instance.  Each K5 listens to its own MIDI input and sends audio back to the DAW via discreet outputs, ignoring the master buss.  I may or may not create or delete outputs depending on the mixing buss structure I want in my projects.

    It seems to me that with the VST3 VEP plugin’s 32 channels of audio you could theoretically host 16 Kontakt VSTi’s in a single instance of VEP assuming you wanted each to return on a discreet stereo pair. Even more if you wanted to route multiple K5’s to the same outputs.  Is there really any difference from a “bandwidth” point of view in doing this vs. running multiple instances?  I currently need about 28 K5’s to host my template but each one doesn’t pass much audio at any given time since each is loaded with multiple articulations of the same orch. section.


    If it matters I’m running on a PC – Intel i7 5930k Haswell w/ 64GB DDR4 RAM and have VEP set to use 6 cores.

  • I may have answered my own question here.  It seems that MIDI note ON/OFF messages are unstable when sent to more than one instance on Kontakt per VEP instance.