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  • Authorizing Libraries on 2 e-Licensers

    Hi guys,


    i work everyday from the studio in the daytime, then i continue my work at home at night. I find i have not been investing as much as i would like to in VSL libraries because afaik you can't authorize your libraries on 2 e-Licensers contrary to VEPRO. Even the 2 or 3 libraries VSL i own get little to no use because of that.

    Is this something that VSL will eventually consider in the near future?


    Best regards!



  • Hello Claude, 

    That´s a shame... wouldn´t it be an option to take your key with you?

    It´s highly unlikely that we will change this system, the library licenses will only be available as single licenses. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    i've tried moving around with my e-licensers and iLoks and with the ectic life of a film composer and dad of 5 kids...I always ended up forgetting my keys at home or studio...My wife even put my jeans direct in the washer once with my iLok in it ; P I was lucky, it survived! I guess she chose low spin cycle...

    Thanks Paul!