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  • Consolidating standard files with full library files purchased separately

    Hi there,

    I purchased the flute ens standard file which has automatically been installed as a 'download instrument patch'. A few weeks later I purchased the full library of this instrument which has automatically been installed as a 'Woodwind patch'. 

    The thing is when I search the instrument patches within Vienna Ensemble, I find that the flute ens standard and full library patches are split and located in 2 separate places (half are in the Woodwind patches pull down menu and the other half are in download instruments patches pull down menu).

    Is there any way to consolidate them into the one (Woodwind patches) pull down menu?

    I've tried reinstalling them and rearranging the files on the hard drive and rescanning in the Download Manager program with no luck.

    Best Chris

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    Hi Chris, 

    That´s the result of an evolutionary process in our product development 😉

    You can erase the Standard Library sample content (or remove it from your Directory Manager, if you´d like to check first), the full library sample content contains all articulations of the Standard Library as well. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ah, ok many thanks Paul got it.

    Best Chris