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  • Viframe and Metaframe


    I am still fairly new to using VEPRO and after watching a couple of tutorails here on VSL and youtube, what is still a question for me is the following:

    In the various VSL tutorials saving an instance as .viframe is used and saving many instances can be saved as a metaframe. 

    In the new (MAC version) VEPRO setup "projects" are used instead of viframes from the FILE menu. But how can I now save a number of instances (viframes) into 1 metaframe?

    Much appreciated for any help in this.

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    Hi J.E.S.,

    I agree that the wording here can be confusing.

    In short words: You can save a VE PRO project (as a *.viframe file) when the focus is on the VE PRO GUI, and you can save a metaframe *.mframe file when the focus is on the VE PRO Server (from the FILE menu).

    Does that help? I have tried my best to explain this in the VE PRO 5 manual, in the chapter "File formats and information display" on page 26ff.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, I begin to get the concepts and possibilities of VEPRO, and maybe I have read the part that you refer to or not( I can't recall ), but its also about getting to grips with the software whilst working with it. So the project thing is solved. Maybe what was an additional confusion is that I thought I raised the VEPRO server when I clicked on it in the OSX icon in the dock. But when working from 1 screen the needed VEPRO window gets hidden behind others, even after being raised. So when I found the little server window and clicked on it, then I saw the correct file menu and thus found the metaframe saving options. Thank you for your quick response. It may be said enough but the fact that you always respond quickly to requests is for users like myself a real support. So thank you! Best regards J.E.S.

  • Hi J.E.S, 

    You´re welcome!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL