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  • Anybody using the APP Sequencer?


    Trying to write trills for Dim Strings 1. violins, and that took me to the APP Sequencer. Seems quite detailed, but is there a way to get the sequence OUT of the VI and in to Cubase?

    I can't spend time to program trills and other stuff in VIPro that runs on a slave, but the above method could be usefull.

  • Hi Stig, 

    The APP Sequencer is using more information that "just MIDI" in its sequencer, so you can only import MIDI, but there is no file format that would contain all the information the sequence can work work (articulations, scale selection...). 

    The APP Sequencer is designed as a Patter and Playback Sequencer that provides you with musical building blocks (runs, trills, rhytmic patters...) that you can "shoot" out in your MIDI arrangement. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Yes I can see now that it's really detailed ;-). Trying to incorporate it into a standard set-up for Dim Strings is challenging.

    Regards Stig

  • Can we use all the samples and runs and all parts of the libraries effectively in a DAW without the APP Sequencer?  That is,  can the DAW deliver the full potential of the libraries without the APP?  The APP is only a convenience playback SW?

  • Hi umarekawaru, 

    I´d say, it´s a VERY convenient and flexible playback booster. But of course, MIDI stays MIDI, you can also go ahead and program those runs and building blocks in your sequencer, no doubt. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL