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  • a Satie arrangement with VSL tenor sax

    arrangement of Satie's "Gnossienne No. 1" for a four-piece lounge outfit. VSL tenor sax takes the lead.

    thanks for listening.

  • The Saxophone is too soft. Especially in the 1st section the melody is in the same range as the two top notes of the guitar voicing, and thus sometimes the attention is drawn away from the melody-note to the guitar.

    There are some velocity-skips, where one single note from a higher velocity stands out from an otherwise soft passage. The VSL saxophones are critical velocity-wise.

  • yes, i love the velocity-skip thing. good job noticing that. but the sax is too soft, do you mean too low in the mix? hmm... not sure about that.

    oh, and thanks for listening, AND the feedback. :)

  • A suceded arrangement. The sax is not too soft (in my opinion), maybe the bass is a little too prominent at times. The drums sound wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • I liked it, but I too think that the sax is too low in volume.


  • thanks, Max! your arrangements on soundcloud are great, especially digging the Gretry pieces. what instruments are you using?

  • Hi,

    The instruments vary. Sometimes I use the VSL chamber strings, sometimes the dimension strings, depending on the strength of the orchestra. Sometimes I add a small amount of solo violin to the violins to make them a bit more direct. Anyway, I never have a premeditated plan. It's always the result of being my own critic: what library serves best the purpose here?

    All the best!


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