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  • EW Play 4.3.2 Not testing/scanning/working


    I just did the Play 4.3.2 update and my VE Pro template will not load any Play's any longer.  I have the latest version of VE Pro 5.  AND MOST importantly:  Play will open just fine and work in stand-alone mode.

    When looking in the Preferences, PLAY is not listed in the VST 64 bit Available Plugins.

    The EAST WEST folder is listed in VST Settings

    If I RESCAN ALL everything will successfully scan except PLAY.  At "Testing VST plugin play_VST_x64" The scan process will stop, and eventually I will get "Vienna Ensemble Pro has stopped working".  

    I've re-downloaded and reinstalled Play a couple of times now.  ANYONE using this version of Play successfully?  I may have to go back a version.



  • Okay finally got it working.

    I had to reinstall VE Pro 5, then rescan.  Now it all works as before.  Whew!



  • I opened VEP5 this morning and tried to open a PLAY instance and I get this message:

    Missing Product Parts!  Could not find any product bundles. Reinstall PLAY to fix this problem.  For further assistance visit:

    I resintalled PLAY 4.3.2.  I uninstalled VEP5 then reinstalled latest version 5.4.14074 and did a full Rescan Plugins.  BUT I still am getting this message when I try to load PLAY in VEP5.

    Searched VLS and Sounds Online forums but don't see anyone else with thte problem.

  • They have a new installer central app you have to download and use now, to get Play to see everything. It's similar to Native Instruments Central, or Avid's App Manager. I can't recall what it's called, but it's there on the update page. It will reinstall Play for you plus any library package Play can't see. It puts a path for the libraries in the Favorites section of Play The process wasn't perfect for me. After updating Play and all my libraries, my Metaframe with Hollywood Brass Horns & Trumpets wouldn't recall correctly. It was loading French Horns when it said it couldn't find a Tuba sample (!). I ended up having to rebuild that VEP Project.