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  • [SOLVED] VE Pro metaframe suddenly loading very slow

    I have a master orchestral metaframe that contains 5 instances, called Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Pitched Perc, Percussion.  I just built a new computer and this had been working great.  The instances would load in 15-20 seconds, and then background sample loading for another few minutes.

    When I tried to load this yesterday, suddenly it is taking forever to load.  40 minutes to load all 5 instances.  (I thought it was just frozen at first).  Even more strange--the Brass and Strings instances still load almost instantly--it's just the other 3 that are slow.

    I don't know where to start, becasue I'm not aware that I changed anything in the setup.  I may have to rebuild the metaframe from scratch, but I'm afraid this will happen again.  Any ideas?

    VE Pro (5.4.14074) and Cubase 8 running on one machine. (Cubase is not open when I try to load VE Pro)

    Windows 7 Pro, Intel i7-5820k CPU @ 3.3 GHz,  64 GB Ram, ASUS X99a mobo

  • Do you have any virus checker active?


  • Aaarg!  I forgot that I'd downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials.  Turned it off and the problem disappeared.  I didn't think of it because it was running on my old computer without problem.

  • Glad it's sorted out. I think that there is a setting you can turn off so that it doesn't scan your samples.


  • Hi,

    if I have the Avira, how can I turn it off?

    I exluded my samples and a lot of things I thought to be important from searching but still I have those issues. :(