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  • Instrument Playback Glitches

    I have recently been experiencing playback glitches that I can't trace.  Sometimes, but not always, in a current pieces I am working on, the orchestra cellos will play back a whole step too low.  I have been having the same issue with a chamber piece and the playback of a harp part.  I am not using the pitch wheel on these pieces, nor am I using any transposition tricks.

    This is a new problem and I am at a loss as to what may be causing it.  As far as I can tell I don't have any odd controller information being sent.  I have thought it might be a MIDI cable not fully seated in its connector, or perhaps one of my MIDI interfaces is going bad (yes, I know, a very old style setup).

    I have also tried deleting the orchestra cello part within MIR Pro, and recreating the matrix from scratch.  That has seemingly made no difference.  I have also tried reassigning a different MIDI channel for the part, and that seems to help. 

    Any other ideas of what might be going wrong?  Am I likely on the right track thinking it could be MIDI interface related?

    Thanks for your ideas.

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    Hi Noldar,

    I´d disconnect everything MIDI and see if the playback works then.

    If that´s not it, I´d isolate the MIDI track and send the song to our Support, as a zip file, or post it here, for other users to check.

    Include this information: Which host are you working in, which OS, which versions of software?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the quick response and for the ideas.  Unfortunately, if I disconnect everything MIDI, there won't be any playback.  I can add that I use MIR Pro/VE Pro standalone, and I have been transmitting MIDI from my old XP computer, running Finale 2005b.  I do have some options for testing different MIDI interfaces and cables, which seems like a good next step.  The computer running MIR Pro/VE Pro is a W7 machine.  I am getting this glitch while working on creating key switches within Finale, something I do prior to exporting the file to a sequencer to create and map out controller data.

    As to why I am running such old software from Finale, due to RL eye issues, Finale made a visual display change to the program in 2006 that makes any version made since 2005 extremely difficult for me to use.

    At present, I don't think this is a MIR Pro problem, although it is odd that the glitch seems to impact only certain instruments across various projects, and the harp part in question doesn't even include any keyswitches.  But again, sometimes everything plays back correctly.

    I will post again later after running more tests.

    Thanks again.

  • A brief follow-up: Although I still have more testing to do in order to isolate the problem to a specific device, general testing indicates that the problem is not VSL related, but hardware related, as by using a different routing for the MIDI data/parts in question, they play back correctly.