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  • Limiter Pro Question

    Probably a dumb question: I've been composing for string quartet recently using MIR. I like to set "natural volume" to keep the relative volumes realistic. However, this leads to a pretty low overall volume. I know I could just push all the instruments up a few db, but then there's a danger that one instrument will get nudged up or down and it won't be obvious. So instead, I've gotten in the habit of putting an instance of LImiter Pro on the output channel and pulling down the threshold a bit to increase the volume. I adjust it so the peaks are within a few db of 0, but not to the point where the attenuation graph shows any attenuation. My question is, when used in this way, does the LImiter do anything except increase volume? It doens't sound like it to me, but I have old ears. :-)

  • Your "old ears" are well-trained, obviously, because you're right: As long as the limiter doesn't actually reduce the signal level, it should be completely transparent. :-)

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    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library