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  • VEP crashes on playback

    I'm getting a crash at playback with Logic X and VEP5 on my slave PC. First I load my template (60 viframes) on my PC which contains PLAY instances first and then Kontakt. Then I start Logic and load my orchestra template or a previous project I was working on which connects decoupled. I wait for everything to connect and then play some of the instruments that I have loaded. All instruments work until I start playback. Then I get this message on my PC "Vienna Ensemble Pro has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available"  and VEP crashes.

    System Specs and settings:
    Master: 2013 iMac 27inch 3.5Ghz quad-core i7 32GB, Mavericks, 256 Buffer connected at 2 buffers per instance, 48khs
    Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin
    Slave: 5820k 6-core at 4.4Ghz, 64GB, Windows 10 x64 Pro
    VEP 5.4.14074 on both machines, Multiprocessing set at 2 threads

    Fixed IPs on both machines



  • Hi Matt, 

    Did you find any crash-dump files at this location:

    C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\VSL\Vienna Ensemble Pro\crashdumps\app

    (this folder is a hidden system folder, make sure that you see it: Organize => Folder and Search Options => "View" Tab) 

    => Please send them to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Any other details about finding that folder? I can't seem to find it. Folder and Search Options => "View" Tab) is set to show hidden files, folders, and drives. All I have in Vienna Ensembel Pro is a folder called "Logs"

  • Hello Matt, 

    That´s all there is.... When VE PRO crashes, you should get an error message that points to that folder, actually. 

    Can you send some screenshots to

    The next step would be to first delete all PLAY instances and see if playback works, then all Kontakt instances. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • OK I send a screenshot and crash file. Among the many instances loading I discovered this window (See attached) which I assume is the problem. It sucks that it crashes the whole mframe though.


  • Actually it crashes even when I don't get that window and when I don't have any instances with PLAY in the mframe.

  • I think I have narrowed it down to Berlin Woodwinds. When I remove the stacked instances it doesn't crash. Why BWW causing VEP to crash? I am trying to contact OT support as well but I can't seem to get through...

  • The crash dump shows that the Play plugin is crashing. You should contact the manufacturer of that plugin, and send them the crash dump file - they should be able to debug it and find the cause.

    If you have any further crashdumps (you say BWW is crashing?), please also send them to so I can investigate.

  • I deleted all instances of PLAY from the mframe and it still crashes.

  • Could you please send a dump file?

  • I found this thread and it looks like I'm having similar issues

    Was this ever solved?

  • Then you are seeing Kontakt crashing. You should send the crash report to Native Instruments, or to the developer of the Kontakt instrument you suspect is crashing.

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell from a crash report/dump, that a particular instrument in Kontakt is causing the crash, then we simply have to refer the user to send the dump/report to Native Instruments, and they should take it from there.

  • I was told by OT support that Kontakt can't crash VEP "Kontakt instruments run in a sandbox, so it is technically impossible for a script to crash Kontakt or VE Pro". Isn't that true? OT thinks Logic is causing it. I guess I'll check with NI next.

    I am starting have a feeling that this issue will not be resolved since everyone one is passing blame (PLAY, Logic, Kontakt.) It seems to me that VEP is the app that is crashing and it should have some sort of mechanism that keeps it from doing so regardless of whether a plugin crashes. If the plugin crashes, that's one thing. But one plugin causing my entire VEP template to crash? I just can't believe that VEP can be that unstable!

  • That is how processes work. As long as a plugin is dynamically loaded into the same process space, it has the potential to crash the host. Apple has thought about this a bit with AUv3, allowing for hosting each plugin in a separate process, in order to protect the host from crashes. But this comes with significant drawbacks - plugins cannot share resources anymore, no common voice pools, allocators, sample RAM, and there is a substantial overhead of interprocess communication. I wouldn't want that in my template. I have seen scripts bring down Kontakt many times, so you should definitely contact your instrument developer, if you can ascertain that exactly that instrument is responsible. Only NI would be able to debug the crash dumps however. You may refer to me when you contact NI, I would be happy to assist them (Kontakt developers) in case they have questions. Good luck!