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  • Ah, it's Windows 10 time

    That is, it WOULD be. I wanted to install Vienna Special Edition Strings Vol1 on the powerful, brand new, computer I've built in Dec. '15.

    The first surprise: the Library Installer was looking for msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll and not finding them, even though they were installed inside eLicencer's folder. I looked up win7 pro on my other computer and these files are installed in system32. Ahha... so I went back to win10 to look for system32. Nada. It looks like Microsoft has dealt away with it. So I did a general search of all dlls and it turns out that they are also stored in some other programs' folder, not installed by VSL but by some other software which means that these files are used by other manufacturers for their software as well. Are these files made by Microsoft?

    Anyway, I copied both files in the Programs directory and Library Installer didn't complain about the files anymore, but it came up with error 7b: "The application was unable to start correctly."

    Has anyone had this problem or am I doing something wrong or should I do something I don't know about?

    Thanks, John.

  • Hi pudik, 

    All running fine on all our Win 10 systems, it´s a simple installation and works right away, so that all you´d have to do is connect the key with your licenses and you´re up and runnning. 

    Can you please send me screenshots of the error messages to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL