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  • Wich VEP version with Mac OS 10.8.5 ?


    I updated VEP5 throughout the last year to the latest version. But now. after using my LA Scoring Strings the first time after a while, it is not working anymore in Kontakt5. It is fine in Kontakt5 StandAlone (vers. 5.3.x), but not when hosting in VEP.

    How can I go back to a lower VEP version and which one is recommended with 10.8.5 MAC OS?


    Thanks for your help!

  • I figured it out. It's not a Knotakt 5 problem... it is a programming problem on LASS side. The VEP5 has to be connected to the DAW (ProTools in my case). Only then the ARC is able to run when LASS is embeded in VEP5. So the newst Kontakt version 5.5.x is ok.



  • It's actually not the fault of LASS, it's the way that Kontakt has been designed. There are also many other products that will have messed up GUIs and non working features when VEP is not connected.