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  • Vienna Imperial

    Hello, i found some technical adjustments to fix with the great Vienna Imperial.When you play the F# 6 and all the next notes they sound like a sustained notes also when you play staccato.It happens wit all three mic positions.

    I dont'know if this is only a problem with my system but if it is i need some help.

    Thank you guys...your work with sample is a great challenge and i love the results!


  • Hi Andrea, 

    Would you like to post an example of what you hear? I believe that´s the normal behaviour of the Imperial Piano, just like in real life. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I have tried to use the Imperial with no reverb and with the sympathetic resonace at 0.

    When you press the F6 key as staccato note and then you press the F#6 always as staccato you can hear that the F sounds like a true staccato and the F# sounds like a sustained note.

    This happens with all the keys after F#6.

    I think that it is some problem with the release samples.

    Thank you Paul.


  • All pianos are conctructed that keys above F6 do not have any dampers, to  keep the strings resonating. Therefor any kind of staccato playing (and sampling) is not possible in the high register, or simply does not make any sense. The reason is, that the piano needs the overtones of the high strings to resonate all the time when lower keys are performed to enable the typical sound of a piano.


  • Hi Herb 

    thank you for your reply!

    I don't have played too much a real grand piano and i never knew this thing about real pianos.

    I feel naive about this but today i've learned another thing and that's right!

    I practice with a digital piano and these instruments do not reproduce sounds like a real piano but now i own the Vienna Imperial and i can feel the real thing!

    Thank you for your support!