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  • Installing VEP Questions

    OK. I know this is RTFM, but I just need to ask. I have just upgraded two Map Pros: the 1st 4,1 Quad 2.66 ghz. 32 gig ram. I put a W3690 CPU bring it from 2.66 to 3.46. The 2nd Mac Pro  was a 5,1 Quad 2.8 where I put in a X5690 bring it up to 3.46 as well. Very comparable machines.

    One will be the slave of course. I haven't actually decided which one. I think I will swirch from the machine where VEP is installed for a few reasons however. Can I just drag over and install the files, eLicensor to the 1st MP? I syill have the downloaded zip files.

    How does the key work? I might have in my haste put the licenses, or two complete all on one key. I have another. Can I drag one to the other and use each MP as a slave/master interchangebly? 

    Sorry, I just finishged with the upgrades, so I'm a little scattered. Also I just upgraded the OS for one machine to Yosemite, like the other. Does it matter? Should the OSes be the same? 


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    Hi Henry,

    You can move the licenses between keys easily:

    1) Connect both keys to one computer

    2) Open eLicenser Control Center

    3) Drag the license from one key to the other.

    You need to actually install the software on both machines.

    VSL Software

    eLicenser Software

    Regarding the sample content: You need to decide which machine you want to use it on, then copy the sample content to this machine and assign it in the Directory Manager.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL