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  • VIP Request: Note off trigger

    Just a simple idea that could be useful for some people.

    Ability to trigger cell slots by note off. The way I see it is in the advanced tab, there could be a menu for Note Off Only, Note On only,  Both on and off  and normal.


    Here's Why it could be useful:


    Scenario 1: Creating a sfz-Cresc patch

    -In the first cell slot (1a) i load a sfz patch and i pull the release up so when i release the note, the sound fade out.

    -In the second cell slot (2a) i load a Cresc patch and set to be triggered by NOTE OFF Only and i pull the release to the maximum,

    -The cresc sample would be heard when releasing the note only. The resulting would be a sfz-cresc patch that can be of any lenght. 


    Scenario 2: Creating a spiccato repetition patch or a double tonguing patch

    -Load up a rSpicc patch and set it to be triggered by NOTE ON AND OFF. Now you can easily play fast 16th passages or double tonguing ...

    -Some other commercial libraries are working this way (for some flute patch i.e) and it is a joy to work with...

    It could intgrated in the cell slots  parameters and/or in the X/Y cell switching methods. But for me it would more usefull in the cell slots area.

    I know you must have many other important things to do before the next update/upgrade, but I think this could be a nice small goodie for power users...





  • That sounds like a great idea, especially for easier playing of fast notes, the keyboard equivalent of double tonguing.