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  • VEP wont close

    After a crash, I was able to close VEP in the task bar, and system tray, but VEP still appears in windows 10 task manager and will not close even after selecting END TASK. Why wont it close and what do I do now? I know from past experiences if I try and shut down, my whole system might freeze. I've had this kind of crash with Cubase too, and I wish there was another way to terminate an app that wont terminate.

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    Is it VEP or is it the Vienna server?  On my Windows 8 system the Vienna server will run in the background even after I shut the DAW down.

    Actually, I prefer it that way so that when I go between projects Vienna will load up faster but it's wierd that you can't shut it down in the task manager😕

    Are you sure that another application isn't using it so it can't shut down until that application is shut down?

  • I've had this happen with Cubase too, where Cubase wont close. It might not be application specific error but a windows error? Not sure what the cause is but it's annoying. Maybe is there a command prompt hack to force quit when task manager wont close it?

  • bump. I need to fix this, since I'm tired of rebooting just to terminate VEP.

  • Is your music computer online or offline? 

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    @jasensmith said:

    Is your music computer online or offline? 

    If it's online try disconnecting it from the Internet, then shut VEP down and see if that works.  I'm just wondering if W10 has some kind of automatic update operation going that's keeping the app running. 


    This is bazaar.  Maybe it is a W10 thing?