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  • New version is avaible 5.4 build 14074


    when I clicked on Check for update, I have a pop-up that tells me That a new version is avaible 5.4 build 14074.
    I installed it, but in the main window always shows VSL Vienna Ensemble 5.4.13888
    I Started the computer ... nothing changes
    Is this normal?


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    Hello i have not,

    Then you are opening an old version still, that´s my guess. My version shows 5.4.140474 like it should.

    The latest builds are available here, please install again!

    If it doesn´t work, please tell me which OS you are working with.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul !
    Now everything is OK

    My setup:
    5.1 Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
    OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks)
    2 x 6-Core Intel Xeon 3.46 Ghz
    Memory : 32 GB
    SSD (Crucial) & HD 7200 rpm

    Logic Pro X
    Sibelius 7.5
    VSL Symphonic Cube (Standar Library)
    Roland A-88 keyboard (88 key)

  • I updated my VE Pro to build 5.4.14074 today on all three slave computers, and also on the DAW in case the host software had also changed.  I'm on Cubase Pro 8.5 and then updated that to 8.5.10.  Computer is PC 3770K using an RME Fireface 800.

    On both versions of Cubase Pro 8.5 and 8.5.10 the performance with AsioGuard 2 went WAY down, not up.  I now must pull back to 512 sample latency from 256 I had been at before.  Have others gained benefit from this update?  If so, I'd love to know what I have going on differently than others that are successful with it.


  • Hi Paulwr, 

    We still suggest to switch off ASIO Guard for VE PRO 5, although the mixdown mode has been improved. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I took the advice of my DAW builder, VisionDAW, and installed a 10GB Ethernet Card, Intel X540-T1 (about $290 from B&H Photo in NYC).  For my purposes, It isn't for achieving higher bandwidth, but for its onboard processor that helps distribute the workload better from three incoming LAN connections from the gigabit switch.

    It helps.  I can now, at least by my initial tests, operate at 256 samples latency without asio overload.... BUT I must have the Cubase Asio Guard 2 turned on and set at "normal" to achieve this.  I could not, before.  I would get at least some occassional asio spiking.  But not now.  This Ethernet card helped things just enough.  I have about 32-36 incoming stereo busses among the 3 computer slaves.


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    odd, after about a half a day's use, the performance degraded to about what is was before installing the 10GB ethernet card and before updating VE Pro 5.4 build 14074 (the update had initially lower performance quite a bit.)

    Its back to modest short little spikes here and there during composing at 256 samples with ASIO Guard 2 turned on the 'normal'. Usable to compose, only mildly annoying occassionaly. Mix downs are fine, I do them offline and no spiking that way.

    i7 3770k | RME Fireface 800 | 3 assorted PC slaves running VE Pro