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  • Vienna Suite Question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm consisdering purchasing Vienna Suite.  I have MIR and I was wondering since MIR has an EQ feature and panning control what would be the advantage of purchasing Vienna Suite?  I mainly work with concert band music and don't really have a use for an exciter for strings.  Also, because I use MIR for my reverb, any reverb effects would seem redundant.  I have watched the tutorial videos.  Not begin a mixing engineer, and not knowing where to start when imporving my mixes, how helpful are the manuals explaining how, what and when different effects should be used? Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Nitrox,

    although you get a quite diverse set of tools with MIR Pro, like MIR EQ or MIRacle, there are several aspects that remain uncovered, like compression, limiting, advances stereo width and phase handling, signal analysis, harmoncis generation, advanced artificial reverberation etc. ... These are just some of the possibilities you gain from Vienna Suite and Vienna Suite Pro. 

    And on top of it, there are literally thousands of presets, most of them created especially for individual Vienna Instruments by Yours Truly. ;-)

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library