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  • Nico Richter (1915-1945) First recording of two early Concertos

    In memoriam of the young and gifted Composer Nico Richter I produced his two early Concertos as absolut first recordings.

    listen to them here:

    He was 18 Years old when he composed the Violinconcerto which is hio very first mature Composition he ever presented. Of course he has composed already a lot pieces before but this is the one he counted as his  first serious composition.

    He was 20 Years old whe he won a composition-competition with his little Celloconcertino which subsequently was performed by the Brussel Philharmonics conducted by H.Scherchen

    With 27 he already had  composed a impressive list of Works in many different genres, when he was deported to ausschwitz being forced to inhumane labor for the Project "Ringeltaube" of the Nazis. After he was rescued by US-Soldiers in 45 he scarcly was able to live more than a few month whcih he dedicated to wrtite down some of the things he composed in mind in his KZ-Years. 

    I hope you like the way VSL allows me to bring  this nearly completly forgotten but nevertheless quite inspired modern music back to life.



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